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Why Portable Air Purifiers?

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Cleaning the Air We Share

What we Know

  • Wearing masks and social distancing, are two of the most effective tools that we have to reduce the spread Covid-19.

  • For students, especially young students, it can be challenging for them to consistently keep a mask over their nose and mouth, avoid touching their face and other surfaces, and keep six feet of distance.

  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirms that Covid-19 can be spread through aerosols which can linger in the air.

  • An estimated 40% of people who contract the virus may be asymptomatic with kids being more likely to be asymptomatic or have very mild syptoms.

  • Asymptomatic patients allow the virus to spread undetected, and potentially create new hotspots.

  • In a closed setting the virus load, or amount of virus in the air, can build, and the stronger the dose, the more likely someone is of contracting the virus if exposed.


Another Layer of Protection

The effectiveness, availability, and timing of a vaccine is still unknown, and as we look to reopen schools, there is an additional tool that can be introduced to classrooms to add another layer of protection for groups indoors – portable air purifiers.

  • If someone is infected and introduces the virus in an indoor setting, the virus load can be reduced or eliminated through effective ventilation and air purification.

  • Portable air purifiers are effective at reducing the virus load which reduces the risk of the virus spreading by sanitizing the air and improving air circulation.


Expanding List of Supporters

  • Keaukaha Elementary School has a pilot program - the “Adopt-a-Class” fundraiser to supply air purifiers for every classroom and office in the school.

  • Sustainable Energy Hawaiʻi (SEH) is working to build support for this program on Hawaii Island and also to expand it statewide.

  • Hawaii Energy has been enthusiastic in identifying ways to support this effort like providing credits for Energy Star certified systems and assessing options for bulk order discounts.

  • HELCO is also fully supportive of effort to improve the health and safety of our community during this time.


SEH has begun talking with the Complex Area Superintendents on Hawaii Island to assess interest and better understand the number of systems that would be required to serve the island and the State of Hawaiʻi Department of Education (DOE) system. The amount of squarefootage covered by each portable air purifier varies with type of system; the ones selected by Keaukaha cover 465sqft each. The number of systems required to serve each school can be estimated based on the size and number of classrooms and offices in the school.


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Action in the Community

What is the Keaukaha School Foundation doing to Protect Keiki and the school? 

ADOPT-A-CLASS: Healthy Air,

Healthy Learning"

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