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Adopt-a-Class for ‘Healthy Air, Healthy Learning’


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Sustainable Energy Hawaii Asks Community
to Adopt-a-Class for ‘Healthy Air, Healthy Learning’

HILO, HAWAII, September 8, 2020 – Planning ahead for when our schools reopen for in-person learning, Sustainable Energy Hawaii is asking the community to “Adopt-a-Class” and help purchase air purifiers for Keaukaha Elementary School.

“Although this isn’t a magic bullet, it’s one more layer of protection for when our schools open up again,” said Richard Ha, president of Sustainable Energy Hawaii. “There’s nothing more important than the health of our keiki and our teachers.”

When people with COVID-19 exhale, they introduce infectious aerosols into the air. The tiny airborne particles include the coronavirus and can linger, be carried around by air currents, and infect others not wearing adequate personal protective equipment. The risk is higher in enclosed spaces with poor airflow and where people spend more time, such as classrooms.

There are several things that can be done to prevent the spread of coronavirus in our schools, including mask wearing, physical distancing, good hygiene, and proper ventilation. Importantly, air purifiers can also be installed to filter and clean classroom air.

For the Adopt-a-Class project, Keaukaha Elementary School is divided into eight categories, from pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. Adopting one category allows for the purchase of air purifiers for that grade level’s classroom and other spaces throughout the school, such as administration, health, and janitor’s offices. Fully adopting all eight categories will ensure that the entire school is covered.

“We’re doing this like we did the Adopt-a-Class project at Keaukaha Elementary some years ago,” said Ha. “We learned they didn’t have the funds to take field trips, so we set up a project where businesses and individuals in the community adopted every class so they could take buses and go to ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center. It was a terrific success. We learned that the community really cares about our kids and their well-being.”

To adopt a class or contribute any amount to “Healthy Air, Healthy Learning,” see the gofundme link at the Keaukaha School Foundation’s website (www.keaukahaschoolfoundation.org). The address to mail a check is Keaukaha School Foundation, c/o 426 E. Lanikaula St., Hilo HI 96720. To learn about how to create a similar program for your school, please contact adoptcleanair@gmail.com.

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