Geothermal Webinar Pt. 1

This is a recording of SEH’s Geothermal Power Webinar, held on February 5, 2022. This event covered a number of topics ranging from the rationale for our exploration to the science and technology involved in geothermal energy exploration, development, and operations.


Here are the timestamps for each segment:

00:00:00    Introduction

00:01:26     Program Segment Listing

00:02:06    Sustainable Energy Mission - Richard Ha

00:08:53    Modern Energy 101

00:21:47     Speaker Intro. – Dr. Thomas & Dr. Lautze

00:22:29    Dr. Don Thomas Presentation

00:34:22    Dr. Nicole Lautze Presentation

00:46:05    Speaker Intro. – Michael Kaleikini – Dir. Hawaiian Affairs, Puna Geothermal Venture 00:46:45    Michael Kaleikini Presentation

00:55:57    Speaker Intro. – Mililani Trask – Kupuna, Attorney, Hawaii Island, Geothermal Developer

00:56:32    Mililani Trask Presentation

01:05:48     Speaker Intro. – Rep. Nicole Lowen, Hawaii House of Representatives, District 6 01:06:31                        Rep. Nicole Lowen Presentation

01:14:02      Q&A

01:25:44     Show Closing Remarks and Info re: Geothermal Webinar 2

Geothermal Webinar Pt. 2

This is Part 2 of Sustainable Energy Hawaii's Geothermal Power Webinar Series, held on February 19, 2022. In this part we discuss "Overcoming Obstacles" which broadly include those coming from our Community, our Culture, our Environment and our Regulations. Join us to hear what leaders from each area have to say....


Here are the timestamps for each segment:

00:00:00   Introduction

00:01:17      Program Segment Listing

00:01:54     Henry Curtis - Environmental Justice

00:11:35      Patrick Kahawaiola`a - DHHL & Hawaiian Commission Acto of 1920 Advocate - 

00:24:46    Desmon Haumea - SEH Board Member - Royal Order Kamehameha - Kumu A`o

00:39:48    Mike Kaleikini - Dir. Hawai`i Affairs PGV/Ormat - Commissioner, Dept. Hawaiian Home Lands

00:57:04    Kalaniakea Wilson - PhD Candidate, Political Science, UH Manoa, 20 year Waitlister

01:06:11       Doug Adams - Dir. Research & Development, County of Hawai`i - US Army, Lt. Col, Ret.

01:14:00      Speaker Wrap up

01:14:37      Q & A

01:39:55     Webinar Wrap  -  Show Closing Remarks