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Our Mission

Our mission is to enable an economic, social, and environmental revival in Hawai`i through a just transition to sustainable, 100% locally sourced renewable energy and the creation of a thriving clean hydrogen economy.

This will allow us to be energy independent and resilient, create jobs and new economic opportunities, and contribute meaningfully to climate action.

We enable this through an inclusive and equitable approach that balances community, environmental, and economic concerns.

Who We Are

Sustainable Energy Hawai`i is a grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life and security of life for Hawai`i Island residents. We are an action oriented advocacy group dedicated to raising public awareness and stimulating the political will to enable change. At Sustainable Energy Hawai`i, we understand that the price of energy is the common factor affecting the cost of everything in our state. Through that lens, our vision is a future of affordable energy for Hawaii, produced using only local renewable resources. This will keep money in our local economy, producing economic equity, energy independence, and prosperity.

Our Purpose

We believe that we can create sustained economic opportunities, enable increased social justice, and heal our environment by attaining sustainable energy independence for all our people. Through thoughtful planning, collaboration, and hard work to bring stable, affordable energy prices, we are convinced it can be achieved in a manner that strengthens our community, top to bottom while improving our environment. ​

We are lucky to have robust wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal energy resources on Hawai`i Island. Significant progress has already been made to improve our renewable energy mix. However, much more must be done to expand capacity and to avoid intermittence. Geothermal is of particular interest given our special situation – Hawai`i sits atop a hot spot that is a source of significant energy, one that will last millennia. Importantly, it offers a source of continuous energy. It does not have the challenge of intermittence but can supply energy at peak output 24/7. There are physical and cultural challenges associated with the utilization of geothermal energy, but we believe there are strategies to mitigate them for all. 


Energy from our various renewable sources - solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal - offers Hawaii the opportunity to generate electricity that exceeds its consumption, including that of a growing demand from the electrification of transportation. This must be reflected in much lower energy prices for everyone. 

Abundant low-cost energy offers the promise of increased economic opportunity for our people; it also offers the opportunity to create a local hydrogen economy - the production, distribution, and export of hydrogen gas. We have the resources to produce hydrogen without using any fossil fuel at all. This process, electrolysis, produces only one byproduct: pure hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen production might allow Hawaii Island to export energy to other islands. It may also offer fuel for ground and sea transportation. It’s not far-fetched to envision a renewable energy cash dividend for Hawaii residents similar to the dividend enjoyed by Alaska’s residents (the Alaska Permanent Fund). 

Our Team

Our team is led by a Board of Directors composed of local leaders and influencers and  experts who represent various sectors of our economy.

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