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Modern Energy 101 
A Hawai`i Perspective

This 13 minute video gives an overview of energy in our modern world while looking at it from a Hawai'i centric perspective. In it we ask important questions and cite some realities we believe deserve serious consideration. Our world is changing quickly and we need to think ahead. 

Making the Case for Renewable Hydrogen Production in Hawaii

This 21 minute video was part of a global workshop sponsored by Mission Hydrogen, a German Hydrogen educational organization in March of 2023. Sustainable Energy Hawai`i was invited to tell the world why we have a role to play in the future of a global hydrogen economy.

The fuels that will power container ships, commercial airliners, heavy duty highway transport and other large equipment will have less energy baked into the liquids they carry with them. This means larger fuel tanks or refueling more often. Hawai`i is perfectly positioned to serve the latter situation. 

Renewable Energy 


Sustainable Systems

Is There a Difference?

This 13 minute presentation examines the conventional wisdom surrounding "Renewable Energy" and the systems we have been told are the key to our climate dilemma.

Do we know the difference between renewable energy sources and the systems we use to transform that energy into something we can use to run our global economy? How long can we keep building them before the resources we use to build them are too expensive maintain or replace? Scale is the big equalizer.

Do we have options right under our feet? We just might ...

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